Comfy breasts and fertility (Where to place your BBT monitor)

Comfy breasts and fertility (Where to place your BBT monitor)

The himama fertility BBT monitor is an easy to use and comfortable device that tracks your Basal Body Temperature, heart rate and sleeping patterns for accurate insights about your fertility and health.

Where does the hiMama hitop come into the picture?

The hiMama hitop allows you to keep the thermometer in place with little effort and less complication. This makes for accurate temperature readings with ease!

Does the hiMama monitor come with a hitop or a bralette? Is there a difference?

The hiMama monitor is not a bra or bralette, because it doesn’t really cover anything.

It’s main purpose is to make sure the hiMama thermometer maintains contact with your skin throughout the night without causing discomfort.

What the hiMama hitop looks like

The hiMama hitop is really light, lacy, transparent and a neutral color. Its’ exclusive use of lace is genuinely sexy but mostly it has been designed to be almost unnoticeable so you can enjoy your quality sleep.    

How the hiMama hitop or bralette  works

The hiMama hitop comes in different sizes so you can choose the hitop that is most comfortable for you.

Because of its combination of well-thought-out design and light materials, the hiMama hitop is an enjoyable way of keeping the monitor pressed to your body (aim for the armpit) and able to track your basal body temperature as soon as you wake in the morning.

Why is this great for your fertility tracking? The answer has to do with the role basal body temperature (BBT) plays in your ovulation cycle.

Measuring BBT is certainly important for ovulation tracking

BBT is defined as the waking temperature of the body before any activity.

It is a bioindicator for fertility and it is not the only one… there are several and they can all be measured in one way or another in order to help determine your fertile window.

The thing is, most methods for clinical confirmation of ovulation are seriously impractical. Even the names are kind of scary.

Here’s a list:

  • transvaginal ultrasonography,
  • urinary luteinizing hormone detection,
  • serum progesterone detection (blood test)
  • urinary pregnanediol 3‐glucuronide detection,
  • urinary follicular stimulating hormone detection,
  • basal body temperature monitoring,
  • cervical mucus analysis
  • and salivary ferning analysis.

There’s a 2017 study on how practical (or impractical) these tests are, you can read it here.

The hiMama fertility monitor focuses on basal body temperature monitoring, which is one of the three most common readily observable physiological signs of ovulation among women (urine LH, cervical mucus, and basal body temperature).

It is simple to use which makes it easy to determine ovulation dates from home.

If you want to learn more about basal body temperature keep a look out for our forthcoming post called hot hiMamas.

Where to place your hiMama monitor

Where to place your hiMama monitor is the first step and the most important when tracking your ovulation with hiMama.

That’s why our hitop deserves to have its own blog post!

Happy hiMama users say the whole process is very simple. And the first step is easy… as is the whole process!

Here’s a pic from our friends at A Toddler and a Top Knot showing the placement of the hiMama thermometer and how the silver plate faces inwards.

The placement of the hiMama hitop is easy. Don’t take it from us. Look at what hiMama users have to say and see their explanation!

Compare and contrast ovulation monitors

There are many basal body temperature thermometers out in the market.

Take the time to compare them with the hiMama ovulation tracker.

Keep in mind that the hiMama ovulation tracker not only reads your temperature while you sleep and without getting you out of your resting mode… but also measures other bioindicators like your heart rate and sleep pattern.

This in turn means you get more data from one night’s sleep, from diverse indicators. That is seriously awesome!

Why? Because in terms of accuracy it means you don’t depend on one source to get information about your fertility window.

These bioindicators measured by the hiMama monitor in conjunction with the fertility calendar app make defining your fertility window the result of the triangulation of several data sets… more science, more security.

Why the hiMama hitop is important

The hiMama hitop is effective at keeping the thermometer in place. You can rest assured that your basal body temperature will be accurately measured without you having to move a finger in the morning.

No more forgetting to take your temperature as soon as you wake up! No fumbling, no groggy searching. The thermometer sleeps with you, in the most comfortable and unnoticeable way possible.

Once you are up, the data from your thermometer will synch to your phone via bluetooth, allowing easy access to the information about your current stage in your ovulation cycle.

Open the app and voilá! You are informed and up-to-date on your fertility health.

And best of all, you decide what to do with your information!

Did you know: Combined use of BBT monitor and app reduces probability of unplanned pregnancy

A 2018 study published in Reproductive Health Journal concludes that the combined use of a fertility awareness monitor and a synchronized mobile app enable women to reduce the probability of unplanned pregnancy.

This is due to higher rates of user engagement.

Although the study was conducted in reference to one of our competitors, the general conclusion applies to all fertility awareness monitors. Read more here.

Check out the hiMama monitor and hitop

If you are planning on keeping track of your body’s natural signs of fertility, give the hiMama monitor a chance to prove itself!

  • The hiMama monitor is up-to-date with the triangulation of bioindicators of fertility, giving you the best of what science and technology have to offer for in-home use of ovulation tracking.
  • The hiMama monitor makes tracking basal body temperature EASY! You will never miss a reading because you take care of everything the night before – thanks to the hiMama hitop.
  • The hiMama monitor works in conjunction with the free hiMama mobile app, giving you easy access to your very own fertility calendar.

Use the lacy hiMama hitop to keep your hiMama BBT monitor in place and get data on your natural fertility cycle. If you have questions about the placement of your hiMama monitor, let us know!

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