The Waiting Girl

The Waiting Girl

When people hear the term “waiting girl”, they generally think about girls who work as waitresses in restaurants. In my case, whenever I hear these two words, I don’t think about anything remotely close to this. Instead, I think about all the time my family and friends, even myself, are waiting for me to finally have a baby.

It is well known that when young couples begin their journey through life next to each other, the time they spend together becomes vital since that’s when they’ll get to know, tolerate, accept one another; now, I wonder: “How much of this time is to be waited?” I’ve always asked myself this question because what might be enough for me, it may not be so for my family, friends or even for society in general. I think it’s two or three years before having a baby, even four years, although it might also be a matter of months. What do I know about this?

Time worries me because the clock is always ticking, and it never stops. Sooner or later questions or comments such as “Aren’t you pregnant yet?” or “I think it is time for one more in your family, isn’t it?” start popping up here and there; as if it were any of their business.

Time is something that is always moving forward, it doesn’t make any stops to wait for anybody. Lately, I don’t become older, but rather a bucket carrying all of these unbearable comments. Even I torture myself with this idea that time goes by while everything around me is filling up with other people’s children and not my own. Let’s face it, I can go to meetings or parties and spend time with my lifelong friends, but not with their babies, who I think should actually be spending that time with my own babies.

Even though I constantly tell myself that time is on my side, something I know for a fact is that if there is something that soon-to arrive baby is going to find is a mother ready to receive him or her: experienced, filled with more and more desires of seen him or her running around, playing, or even crying. I’m going to be expecting him or her with all of that strength I’ve gained from patiently waiting for the right time.

A mother’s hope, love and desire for having a baby is the last thing a woman should lose, and since I am the “waiting girl”, I can only say that through this short story I hope to be serving up some smiles and positivity on your table.

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