Tips to improve dad-to-be’s fertility

Tips to improve dad-to-be’s fertility

After making the decision to have children, it’s not only the woman who should be healthy and in the best possible condition. The dad-to-be is also a very important piece of the equation, especially because having greater fertilization success depends on him.

If you’re trying to conceive, this post will be very useful in letting you know if you need to change any of your habits so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

What’s the best option? Following a balanced diet

There are certain vitamins and minerals that have positive effects on the body. Most of them can usually be found in the food we eat on a daily basis:

  • Vitamin A: Prevents the male reproductive system cells from aging prematurely. You can find it in carrots, milk, oranges and leafy green vegetables.
  • Vitamin E: Improves sperm motility. You can consume it in both seed and olive oil and in nuts such as almonds and walnuts.
  • Vitamin C: Prevents sperm defects and boosts sperm motility. You can find it in citrus fruits, garlic, onions, strawberries, pineapples, papayas, hazelnuts and almonds.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D: Consuming it daily can improve fertility. Calcium can be found in dairy products, cabbage, broccoli, salmon, rice and soy milk, oranges, leafy greens and eggs. Vitamin D can also be consumed in oily fish, cheese, egg yolk and some types of mushrooms.
  • Zinc: This mineral increases testosterone levels; you can find it in celery, asparagus, figs and eggplants.
  • Arginine: Contributes to sperm production. Some foods high in this amino-acid are: onions, garlic, asparagus, oats, peppers, carrots, lettuce, apples and spinach.

Reduce alcohol and coffee consumption

You normally shouldn’t drink too much alcohol or caffeine. But if you’re also trying to conceive, you should ideally try to reduce alcohol and caffeine intake as much as possible, since they can alter sperm shape or lower its count.

Exercise… moderately

You should exercise at least twice a week, but not more than three times a week. Excess physical activity can reduce not only sperm count but also its quality.

It’s also very important to maintain a healthy weight. Excess fat in the body increases the chances of producing sperm abnormalities.

Small changes can make a huge difference! We encourage you to give these tips a try! After all, the best gift you can give your kid is a healthy father.

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