Surrogacy: a controversial assisted reproduction technique.

Surrogacy: a controversial assisted reproduction technique.

Not long ago Kim Kardashian made the announcement of the coming of her third child. This time, by surrogacy. It was never a secret that she though about this option, since she had placental abruption in the last two pregnancies. This is a complication that could get worse if she were to get pregnant again. Like her, there are many women who chose this option.

What is surrogacy?

So, what is surrogacy? It is an assisted reproduction technique by which a woman accepts to carry the son/daughter of another person/couple.

This technique consist on the creation of one or more embryos with the in vitro fertilization technique in a lab, and the later transfer to the uterus of the woman who will carr the baby.

To the extent possible, the eggs and sperm used will be provided by the parents.

Currently, the only function of the pregnant surrogate in this treatment is to gestate and give birth to the baby. The legislation in many countries prevent that pregnant woman and the egg donor are the same person.

After giving birth, the baby will be handed over to the parents.

What kind of people use surrogacy?

Single men and gay couple use surrogacy since they can’t have children on their own in a natural way.

On the other hand, single women, lesbian or heterosexual couples, generally begin this process for medical reasons that prevent them to experience a full and healthy pregnancy.

We have spoken about Kim Kardashian and the reason why she turned to surrogacy. This is a good example of people who might require this technique of assisted reproduction.

Besides, you can use this technique if you don’t have a uterus, or if you have failed to get pregnant with other techniques, if you’ve had many misscarriages, medical contraindications, autoimmune diseases, drug consumtion…

Surrogacy and society.

This technique of assisted reproduction has given a lot to talk about. The people and social movements against surrogacy argue that adoption should the only alternative for people who are unable to have their own children.

Many times the reasons why parents choose not to resort to the adoption is because this is a long process and because of the requirements that are expected to meet, which in some cases it prevent them from being able to continue the process.

There are some bureaucratic rules that we can question; for example: if a woman has had cancer, she is ruled out as a candidate to be a foster mother.

Advocates of surrogacy understand that this is a method of procreation by which a mother decides to subrogate their hability of gestate in a free and voluntary manner.

Therefore, as long as their rights are respected, as well as the child’s and future parents, it is not a process against ethics, as it doesn not harm human dignity or violates human rights.

Even so, it is an assisted reproduction tecnique that is ilegal in many countries. Both in America and Canada is a legal practice, for every person or couple.

And you, what do you think about surrogacy?

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