Superfoods for fertility

Superfoods for fertility

If you would like to get pregnant, ideally you would have a balanced diet. The following nutrients are considered to be superfoods for fertility and sexual desire.

Which are these superfoods for fertility?


This is a potassium rich food that helps maintaining the blood pressure; besides, it increases the men and women’s fertility since it contains vitamin B6, which regulates the hormones of the body and the menstrual cycle.


They not only help us to improve our sight, carrots can also help sperm cells to perform better.


Salads containing spinach, rocket salad and broccoli, among others, add great dose of folate, a vitamin B that can drive the healthiest sperm and reduce the risk of miscarriage or generic problems with the baby.


They add an optimum dose of iron to the body, which leads to a decrease in risk of infertility in women.


Since it contains B12, it helps tostrengthen the endometrial lining when the egg is fertilized and it reduces the risk of miscarriage.


They are beneficial for men’s sperm since they are rich in Omega 3, which improves the vitality, mobility and morphologic form of the sperm in men.


It is a powerful aphrodisiac that in the case of men, it increases the volume of the sperm and improves the mobility of the sperm cells.


It’s a delicious fruit that’s very nutritious. It is a source of vitamin E, which increases fertility and improves the functions of the sexual organs.

Add these superfoods for fertility in your diet! They are delicious, and if they can help us, it’s perfect! Share with us your best recipes 🙂

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