Sex during fertility treatments. Should you be waiting for the perfect moment?

fertility-treatments-when should you have sex?

Sex during fertility treatments. Should you be waiting for the perfect moment?

Is there a perfect time to have sex during fertility treatments? Should you only have sex when your doctor tells you? And how often do you have to do it?

A concern many women have during pregnancy planning is the effect of planned conception on the couple’s intimacy. Many women worry about this, and so do their husbands!

Forcing your spouse to get intimate all the time in order to increase chances of pregnancy, isn’t that sexy. And couples often get tired of all the stress associated to charting their ovulation and planning intercourse.

If you are planning to get pregnant soon, and have heard of couples going through the process you know planning intercourse and feeling obligated to do it can be stressful for the couple.

Guess what! Stress isn’t good for your fertility! So take the anguish out of sex during family planning by charting your cycle accurately and learning what really affects your chances of getting pregnant.

Sex during fertility treatment and family planning… It’s a sensitive matter for couples all over the world and we want to talk frankly about it. That’s what this community is for, right? Is it possible to enjoy your sexuality and keep the sexy in your relationship throughout all the planned intercourse?

Natural fertility treatments: sexy pros and cons

Cons of IVF include sky high prices and way too many needles involved in the process. But those might not be the main reasons why women prefer natural fertility treatments nowadays.

The truth is intimacy is important in every relationship and many couples struggle to keep the spark alive during aggressive fertility treatments that include hormone injections.

Natural fertility treatments are increasing in popularity

because other options like IVF

could have harmful effects on the couples libido.


Natural fertility planning insists on the importance of listening to your own body and making healthier choices to promote optimal egg + sperm health.

Natural options could be less harsh on your libido. Start with:


So… back to our question.  When should you do it?

Here are 3 surprising Dos and Don’ts of sex during fertility treatments

What Dos and Don’ts should you really be concerned about when you undergo an IVF fertility treatment or when you’re planning your pregnancy naturally?



Don’t overcomplicate things. There are times when couples overcomplicate things in trying to conceive.

In other words, some may want to abstain from having sex, so that they would be able to do it at the right time of the month.

However, one of the best things to do is actually just to have more sex.

Thus, it is time to simply make love with your husband more, and make sure that you enjoy it.







Do it quick! Quickies can actually help when it comes to getting pregnant.

This is true, especially when you do it early in the morning.

Why? Because men’s hormonal levels are pretty high in the morning.








Do have sex every day. Some people think that having sex every day can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. However, this is actually untrue.

The reason for that is, men can actually replenish their whole supply of sperm in a 24 hour period.

In other words, if you make love to your husband every day, chances are greater that he is well equipped with a good sperm count that can get you pregnant soon.







Would you like to know more about this subject? Learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do during your fertility treatment. Read our other blog posts for more information.

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