Improve Natural Fertility Planning with a Special Baby Making Diet

Natural Fertility Planning - Diet

Improve Natural Fertility Planning with a Special Baby Making Diet

Are you sure your natural fertility plan is complete? Here’s a word or two about what you should be eating to make sure your ovaries and eggs are healthy.

Natural fertility requires a well thought out plan and some patience.

You’ ve already finished your fertility calendar, calculated your ovulation dates, and you’ve been doing your baby-making homework for a couple of months but it still hasn’t happened. There’s no bun in the oven yet. It’s starting to get a little frustrating, and you’re starting to doubt if natural fertility planning is your best choice.

Have you considered how your diet could be affecting your chances of getting pregnant?

There are a lot of fertility diets available online and you can purchase several books full of great options. We know you are committed to exploring all your natural options. If you are ready to learn more, we want to help you simplify the process.

Let’s start by listing foods you should avoid if you want to get pregnant.

Here are 3 foods you can eliminate from your pantry today in order to increase your fertility naturally.

  • Sugar. Control your sweet tooth!

Foods that contain high levels of processed/refined sugar can harm your immune system and affect your hormonal balance. You should definitely steer clear of sodas and bottled juices, favoring freshly made fruit blends instead. If you are craving something sweet, choose honey, maple syrup or stevia as a substitute sweetener.

We recommend you check out this list of (not so obvious) foods that have lots of added sugar.

  • Coffee. Put down that mug!

Energize your body naturally with Licorice Tea or other alternatives to coffee. Jumpstart your body with a quick cardio session or Kundalini Yoga instead of caffeine in the morning. Because your love of coffee could be jeopardizing your chances of getting pregnant.

Excessive coffee intake can alter your metabolism.Studies show that caffeine can increase your chances of miscarriage or even prevent ovulation. Caffeine can be found in unusual places, like dark chocolate and painkillers, so take note and start keeping track of your intake to make sure it’s not harming your body.

  • Soybean Food Products. Cut the tofu out, for now.

Soy foods are often consumed in vegetarian and vegan diets. If you have substituted regular milk with soy milk for the last couple of years, beware… it might be affecting your hormones. Slowly reduce your intake or switch to almond milk.


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