DIY: Natural family planning is easier than you thought

Natural Family Planning

DIY: Natural family planning is easier than you thought

There are a lot of natural family planning methods out there, but all the most effective fertility method options require basal body temperature measurements. Don’t know what that is? This article intends to help you understand the 101 of natural pregnancy planning. Once you understand the basics, learn the lingo and master the tools, everything becomes simpler.

BBT: basal body temperature

To get pregnant it is important to know exactly when you are ovulating. Yes: exactly as in an accurate date, not an approximate guess.

How can you know when you are ovulating?

The first day of ovulation your body temperature will rise about 0.2 degrees C due to hormonal changes. The sudden spike should last at least three days in a row. This is going to be the most obvious indicator that you are fertile, but in order to measure it accurately you are going to need a basal thermometer.

Besides the heat wave, you might have:

A certain glow in your skin; a certain twinkle in your eye that makes your husband nervous.

Slippery transparent cervical mucus. (You can learn more about the different types of mucus by reading our post on CM.)

But we can’t measure the glow or the twinkle, and mucus could get confusing. So if you are aiming to get pregnant soon, you need to start by recording the data on a calendar and marking the fertile days. Glow, twinkle and mucus aside with an accurate fertility chart you will know exactly when to get creative with your hubby 😉

Let’s highlight that: the first step to effective and natural family planning is recording your BBT on a fertility chart.

How to take your basal body temperature

Take your body temperature first thing in the morning using a basal thermometer. This is your BBT. (Keep in mind it is important to take your temperature at the same time each morning for at least three cycles.) Once you measure it you will need to record the data on a fertility chart


The goal is to find out exactly when you will be ovulating. There is a little bit of math involved in the process. Not too much. Don’t worry. But if you are not a number cruncher, you can put the calculator away and make things easier using the hiMama APP.

Usually, measuring your BBT is a five step process:

  1. Go to sleep.
  2. Wake up.
  3. Measure your BBT.
  4. Record your BBT and chart your fertility calendar.
  5. Eat breakfast.

(Repeat every day for 3 to 6 months)

Pretty simple, right?

But what if you forget to take your temperature one day? Or what if you lose your fertility calendar after months of careful charting?

We know life is full of unpredictable complications. That’s why we prefer to keep everything simple. What if you could record your BBT automatically? We highly recommend using a wearable basal thermometer.

Have you decided to purchase a basal thermometer? Are you starting your fertility chart? You should choose the option that fits your needs and makes pregnancy planning a fun process for you and your partner. Making a baby should be fun!

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