The menstruation cycle after pregnancy.

The menstruation cycle after pregnancy.

What a beautiful moment that you just experienced: you have brought a new life to the world! Now you are immersed in a new adventure, which will bring many changes, and your body is returning to normal. You’ll recover little by little.

Your reproductive system has been the main protagonist in the last 9 months; right now everything is topsy turvy, but ovulation will mark the moment in which the body re-stabilize its functions.

What happens with the menstrual cycle after pregnancy?


Breastfeeding is very important in the menstruation cycle after pregnancy of a woman. Breast milk production causes the prolactin hormone to rise and the levels of estrogen and progesterone to decrease.

Prolactin inhibits ovulation, so it is normal that you don menstruate while breastfeeding.

Keep in mind that not all women are the same. The recovery of the menstrual cycle can even vary in the same mother at different times. If the menstrual cycle appears not long after giving birth, don’t worry, it is also normal.

When everything gets back to normal don’t worry about breastfeeding: the quality of the baby’s food will be the same and nothing will change.

If you bottle-feed.

If you have resorted to artificial feeding, it is possible that you have your first menstruation around eight or ten weeks after delivery. As a general rule, your body will be almost recovered and everything will be back to normal within six months.

First menstruations after childbirth.

When menstruations returns it might not appear in a regular basis. The first menstruation cycles might be different in relation to regularity, duration, amount… the pre-menstrual symptoms can even vary. Don’t worry, it’s only with the passing of months that everything begins to be stable again.

It is difficult to know when the first menstruation will arrive, so don’t forget to use contraceptive methods; you could get pregnant without having your menstruation cycle after pregnancy.

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