Meet who is behind Himama … Helena!

Meet who is behind Himama … Helena!

My name is Helena. I am a woman, sister, wife, mother, daughter, friend… whose motto is “live and let live, but smile while doing it because life is too short” In other words “CARPE DIEM”. My mother always told me that in this life one can do absolutely everything one proposes, without distinction of genres, but always with respect and determination.

I was born and raised in Spain. I came to the USA to do my Masters and I ended up meeting and marrying my American husband in 2002, I was 28 years old.

My husband, what can I say? He is a saint, because I have a strong character, I know. But hey! I also have merit because I endure all his “madness”, we started with triathlons, we moved up to Ironmans and now we are fully engaged in the Ultras (everything running more than 60 km, the “normal” of an Ultra are 100 miles) and mountaineering (and we live in Florida!). So, all in all, we support and love each other and we try to live life to its fullest. He is a good person, my best friend and an excellent father. So I can’t complaint, I think I hit the jackpot with this one.

After finishing all our studies including bachelor, masters, we started to work, moving up in the work place, we loved to travel, explore……so we planted ourselves at 35 years old and we said, “the time has come to have a child

And with my square mentality of “I think it, I plan it, I get it” we put ourselves to it, and as the saying goes, “one proposes but God disposes”. The first thing we did was to visit my gynecologist and a fertility specialist, just to make sure everything was fine. And to my surprised the both told me that yes, that everything is wonderful BUT “it is a proven medical fact that a woman’s fertility starts declining once she hits 30 and in the moment she hits 35 it is a” free fall “in Fertility “. And in addition to all this, you might still be healthy and have a “decent” amount of ovaries left but not all of them might be healthy enough …. It is human nature, gentlemen and ladies …

They tell you to take a calendar and start writing down the days when you are menstruating, whatever change you might experience in your body, also how you are feeling anemically, etc…. They explain to you that if a woman is regular (28 days of cycle), a total chimera in my case, ovulation happens in 8 to 11 days after your cycle. And what do I do now? Well I start buying those ovulation sticks, the ones that are similar to a pregnancy test but these are for ovulation. But since I know myself and how irregular I am, no, I cannot buy the 10 units box so I have to buy the 30 units box because of how irregular I am…..I lost count of how much money I was spending pretty early on in the process because ey! We’re trying to have a child so you do anything you have to right?

To add to all this, the doctor kindly reminds me that if I am under a lot of stress at work or if I have to travel a lot for it, etc… all this my affect my cycle as well! At that point I was practically living on a plane, I knew some airports better than my own city! Oh my! what was I getting into??????

I must say that another constant in my life has always been trying to live life and take things as “natural” as possible to the best of my abilities. We live in a world with a lot of things created or altered by man, such as added hormones in milk, in food, carcinogens in the environment….. So I’ve always tried to avoid things like taking “the pill” as a contraceptive measure and letting my body go as I please.

The case is that after two miscarriages, one with 35 and another with 37; I was fortunate to get pregnant with my daughter Olivia and I had her just right after turning 39. I consider myself very lucky to have at that time an “egg” left that was still healthy.

I had a very good pregnancy and at that moment I decided that I would not listen to anybody’s advice; I would only consider the opinion of my gynecologist for all pregnancy related topics and that one of my pediatrician in raising / educating my daughter. Obviously, I also read something here and there on my own, but other than that, that was it. Although I think it’s also a question of age, at the age of 40, you have much more life experience than before so you learn to have “selective hearing” for certain topics.

Obviously you always try to do your best for your kids, and that’s where we are.

At this present moment I am happy with my daughter, trying to carry a million things in one day, like most moms in this world we live in: children, home, work … but always thinking, there has to be an easier way to get to know my body, my cycle, to understand. And that’s when HIMAMA was born.

My daughter, Olivia, is obviously the center of our universe, and we are delighted, she is now 3 years old. I would say a typical 3 year old girl, she is good girl, she moves a lot, and she does not stop talking, she listens and obeys as much as possible. She is fulfilling the “cues” according to his age “on point”. And what better than having a healthy and normal daughter. Of course, it seems to us that she is the most intelligent girl in the world. But I think that most of these little people between the ages of 3-4 are all incredibly smart, only that we see them so small that it surprises us to discover that they think, deduce and reason on their own.

In this present moment, I am 42 years old, this year I will be 43, and we are trying to have another child. I do not want Olivia to remain as an only child, if possible.

Why do I greedily want to have another child? I make case because my mother died very young and my father died last year, also relatively young, and I do not conceive my life without my sister and the support we give each other (I only have 1 sister) and I want Olivia to have that for whatever it may occur in life.

Of course, at my age, the most recurrent diagnosis is “secondary in-fertility”, but I do not think it’s like this… well, maybe… it’s more than anything, because if it was already difficult to get pregnant with 35 considering my age, how many healthy eggs I have left etc… I can imagine that with 43 it is even harder… so it makes sense for it to be difficult.

So I am using HIMAMA, to know better the cycle of my body and how it works, but also to see if there is a chance that I catch one of those times that it says that I am ovulating and it turns out that the egg is a good one…We are taking it one day at a time.

I invite you to follow our blog and continue my activities as a mother and as a future mom after 40.

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Comments (2)

  • Leire Gómez Reply

    Hola Bitxo!!!

    Me ha encantado leer el artículo y cómo comentas tu experiencia para quedarte embarazada de Oli. Me alegra saber que quereis darle un hermano o hermana a la peke porque conociéndote (desde hace . . . ¿40 años?), sé que eres una madre genial coln Oli y lo serás igualmente con el nuevo bebé. Te deseo mucha suerte, guapa.

    Saludos desde tu antiguo barrio.

    August 12, 2017 at 9:43 am
    • Helena Reply

      Eskerrik Asko! MIl gracias! Por aqui andamos, se hara lo que se pueda, mientras a seguir disfrutando de la vida! Un beso gordo!

      August 19, 2017 at 10:48 am

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