How do our fertility monitors works?

A natural conception and contraception method

What makes himama ?


himama offers the best quality/price ratio for a digital basal thermometer and digital fertility chart combo. Unlimited use. Advanced technology. Plan your first, second and third pregnancy with one device!

The most accurate

Proven accuracy using underarm temperature to calculate the ovulation cycle and keep the most accurate ovulation calendar.

Small & Comfortable

The device is about the size of a coin. It’s very comfortable to wear and discrete inside the himama top. Use it while you sleep in order to determine your most fertile days.

Long Lasting Battery

The battery is rechargeable. You can forget about charging the device for at least 3 weeks. It will work on its own during the night. When you wake up, simply transfer data stored in the device to your phone via bluetooth. So you won’t consume phone battery during the night

Automatic Calendar

In sync with the calendar generated by the himama app you can chart your menstrual cycle effortlessly.

How himama Works

Our proven method for natural family planning

Our himama is Easy to Charge

Charging our fertility monitor is as easy as 1-2-3

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Step 2
Step 3
Synchronize Fertility Monitor
Step 4
Fertility Calendar

Our Fertility Monitor


The Fertility Calendar App

Fertility Calendar Large

Ready to double your chances to conceive?

Our App is available for iOS and Android ...too!

Download the app today and stay in control of your ovulation calculator and fertility calendar.
Ovulation Calendar App

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