How Does Obesity Affect Female Fertility?

How Does Obesity Affect Female Fertility?

Obesity is one of the main health problems of modern reality in the United States.

Although among experts it was already well known that obesity caused disorders in ovulation, recently the relationship between obesity and the decrease in female fertility has been known.

How does obesity affect your fertility?

Overweight and infertility.

Disorders in the production of sex hormones or metabolism present on in overweight women that are ready to conceive depends on biological factors certain environmental, psychological and behavioral variables that determine a positive energy balance.

Alterations in the menstrual cycle, chronic anovulation (when the ovaries can not release an oocyte, being its most common cause of amenorrhea) and hyperandrogenism (increased androgen secretion, male sex hormones) are common anovulation cause.

It must be said that any weight problem can become an impediment for female fertility and to get pregnant, including problems like anorexia and obesity.


Obesity and overweight problems may be the most common infertility causes in both men and women.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you are attending to get pregnant and want to improve the chances of success it is important to eat healthy and exercise to overcame obesity or overweight problems.

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