Healthy, and not so healthy, cravings.

Healthy, and not so healthy, cravings.

Cravings are part of every pregnancy, who could deny it? About 85% of pregnant women crave some very specific kind of food during their pregnancy, although not all of them belong to everybody’s daily diet. At times, this food is not even appetizing to many.

According to some studies, the percentage distribution of these “whims” during pregnancy goes as follows:

  • Those who want something sweet: 40%
  • Those who want something salty: 33%
  • Those who want something spicy: 17%
  • Those who like citrus food: 10%

Here you have the top 5 most common cravings during pregnancy and how to make them healthier while you are waiting for your lovely gift to arrive:


The recommended kind of chocolate for those occasions when you get that uncontrollable itch is dark chocolate, not milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa butter. It has many scientifically-proven benefits for your heart’s health, and antioxidant properties as well.


The most popular ones when it comes down to satisfying those cravings are olives and pickles. That urge to eat this kind of food can be a result of your blood volume rising and the need of eating sodium. In consequence, pickled foods are the perfect whims in these cases.

3. EGGS:

Eggs are a good source of protein. This is why they are some of the most requested desires by women while waiting for their special gift to arrive.


Drinking up a lemon’s juice is often one of the most common cravings. Some believe this is the result of the need to have a varied and balanced diet, and lemon, being a huge source of vitamins, perfectly suits this idea.


It is believed this healthy snack is recommended because of the low levels of vitamin C that women show during pregnancy. There is no doubt it is an effective and natural source of vitamins, and it also helps you avoid weight gain. You have to keep in mind that its excessive intake can increase your blood sugar level, though.

There is no doubt that incorporating weird food, different textures, or even different temperatures to our daily meals are very representative things of pregnant women.

Take a chance, experiment, and flavor every single bite, but always keeping in mind any possible precautions related to your pregnancy since everything you eat or taste will also be eaten or tasted by your baby.

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