Fatherhood and Male Fertility. How To Know If He Is The Perfect Father for Your Future Children

Fatherhood and Male Fertility. How To Know If He Is The Perfect Father for Your Future Children

If your goal is to be a mother and you already have a partner, this post can help you find out if he is actually the perfect father for your future children or… not. Keep in Mind, fatherhood and male fertility are tricky topics. Read on and please join the discussion below.

Does a Superwoman Need a Father for Her Children?  

We, modern women, are capable of taking on everything life sends our way or at least that is the image that we have endeavored to build. We blame you, powerpuff girls!

However, the truth is parenting is challenging. And it is important to have someone to support you and be at your side to confront situations without the feeling of loneliness, especially today in the hustle and bustle of maintaining the balance between caring for your family and achieving progress as a professional.

So, superwomen, when the time comes to make a decision about becoming a supermother, how important is finding the right father?

Without attempting to imposing any point of view, because we believe every woman has the right to choose what’s best for her, we decided to share some important concerns about planning fatherhood in this post.

Is he the right father for your children?

Answering this question can be tricky. You could start by asking if he wants to be father, if he feels ready. Then you can review some personality traits. Is he mature, patient, sensitive? Does he have clear life goals? Does he continuously strive to improve himself? Is he a good partner? Can he multitask (beyond watching television and eating at the same time!)? And then…. Is he fertile?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking that question, don’t worry. You are not alone. Many women fear discussing fatherhood and male fertility with their loved ones.  

Fertility problems: is it him or is it her?

When playing the blame game, who’s responsible for the couple’s inability to conceive?

Head’s up: the answer is simple. It’s a trick question. When talking about fertility, one of the worst things you can do is start pointing fingers or fomenting feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Look on the bright side: the strain that infertility can sustain on your relationship can actually strengthen it. It may sound naive but the truth is if a relationship doesn’t work out, the pregnancy was not the reason. Stats say fertility treatments do not lead to divorce.

And, NO, don’t try to mend a relationship by getting pregnant, either.

If you are having problems conceiving go to a professional and get tested. BOTH of you! That means he needs to get tested, too. The biggest cause of male fertility issues is suboptimal sperm health, and the good news is sperm health can improve through natural fertility treatments.

Are you ready to get pregnant and be parents… together?

Being a parent is hard stuff. All parents really need a solid support system or a solid partnership. Before looking into how others can help you, or how well you work with your partner, take some time for introspection and make sure you have these aspects covered on your end:

  1. Being able to take care of yourself.
  2. Having Self-discipline.
  3. Understanding parenting as fulfillment.
  4. Understanding paternity as an opportunity to offer love and care, to give joy and receive affection.

Once you have these bases covered ask the same of your partner. Then ask yourself if you are willing to commit to the next 20 years together as parents.

That said, if you are planning a family together, not everything is limited to the couple’s ability to conceive. When planning ahead, take into account your predisposition to have twins (what would happen if you planned to have one child, and two appear unexpectedly!) and consider other factors such as the possibility of passing on a genetic condition.

Fatherhood and male fertility

Guys who want to be dads: Bite into an orange, or your nearest almond and put on your daddy pants. Certain vitamins and minerals have positive effects on your ability to have children. Read up on the foods you can eat on a daily basis to improve your fertility, here. Also reduce caffeine consumption and smoking, exercise moderately and remember that the best gift you can give your kid is a healthy father.

Start your natural family planning

Lifestyle changes can help improve both male and female fertility, and certain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids can help as well.

Start your natural family planning with confidence using our hiMama monitor and app!

Celebrate Father’s Day even if you aren’t  parents yet

Fatherhood starts before child conception and it’s very important for us as future mothers to keep our semental stimulated, goal-oriented and happy.

So this Father’s Day give that special male in your life the best gift, let him know how much you appreciate his efforts to build a family alongside you. Boost your partner’s mojo! Impulse his drive and get the most out of life together. Let him know he’s your Superman and this will surely keep him motivated and ready for any challenge that may await. Celebrate every small battle he wins like changing light bulbs or buying the right cheese for dinner. Keep that Superdaddy activated with a simple “thank you honey, you are the best”!

Happy Father’s Day!

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