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Here are some common questions about how to use our device and the fertility calendar app.

The 1st time you receive the device we suggest you put it to charge, once it is fully charged it will have a green light. At this moment the battery is 100% and last for about 15-20 days or a little bit more.
If you want to check the status on the battery (see image attached) click on the sync button and it will take you to the screen where you see the percentage remaining.

Once you put your HIMAMA on at sleep time, your BBT it is not being measured constantly throughout the night. The monitor detects when you are on your deep sleep and it is at this moment that measures your BBT for certain periods during the hour. It also detects light sleep and measures it then. Our formula is done to have an exact measuring of your BBT therefore it knows what temperature to take.
It is at these brief moments throughout the night when it is measuring that will use some battery, the light green appears at this moment, but since we are asleep we don’t notice this.

Then in the morning or once you wake up, at this moment you sync the APP with the monitor, synchronization will take 15-30 seconds and it is also at this moment that uses some battery.

As you can see the use of battery is so minimum that you can use it for 15 days without charging it.

We suggest your HIMAMA monitor to be placed on your left underarm because it is closest to your heart. It does not matter if you are right or left handed as long as your heart is not inverted in your body.
Our monitor captures your sleep patterns, your heart rate and your real core body temperature, with this will get reliable BBT(Basal Body Temperature) data. The APP will show your BBT and your sleep pattern. It will not show your heart rate because it is meant to be used while you sleep and not while you are awake.

Our system does not compare to other methods in the market because our temperature monitor is used in the underarm and not in the wrist to increase accuracy. The basal body temperature is usually taken in three different ways for accuracy: oral, underarm or vaginal. We understand how uncomfortable is for a woman to take the vaginal temperature as she wakes up or to have to remember every morning to do it orally. Therefore we decided to create an accurate temperature monitor that you can comfortably wear at night in your underarm using our hiTop (harness) that keeps the monitor in place as you sleep.

The reason we decided to do this instead of a bracelet is because the wrist temperature is not necessarily accurate when it comes to registering your BBT. So we designed a different method that is not only more accurate and comfortable, but also intelligent. Our monitor registers your temperature, sleeping patterns and heart rate and runs the information through an algorithm that is capable to calculate accurately your 5 most fertile days in your cycle.


Although we are a brand new product, our method is really similar as other methods out there. The big difference is accuracy. Our fertility monitor does not only measures your temperature, but it does it while you are asleep keeping record of the actual basal temperature of your body, which can only be taken when you are in complete rest. Additionally, we use other data in the algorithm (sleep pattern and heart rate) to make sure that your actual basal temperature is even more accurate.

HIMAMA is a new company located in Miami, FL. We have successfully registered our monitor with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device. We completely stand behind our product and we encourage you to use it.

HIMAMA measures your BBT while you are sleeping. The outcome of your BBT will be measure accurately considering how much you sleep and how regular your sleep schedule is. 

You will use your HIMAMA while you are sleeping, try to use it a minimum of 4 to 5 hours for at least a month consistently. Our monitor captures your sleep patterns and your real core body temperature, with this will get reliable BBT(Basal Body Temperature) data.

You put it on when you go to sleep and in the morning you synchronize it with the app.

All your BBT information for the night will go into the APP and you will have your own personalized fertility calendar. The APP will interpret when your BBT is low (before ovulation), when it increases (ovulation) and when it remains high (post ovulation). It will also predict when it goes down again (menstrual cycle).

At the beginning it will show a predictable calendar based on the information you first enter so we encourage you to keep using and synchronizing your patterns for at least 1 to 2 months so that the application can calculate an accurate outcome and provided a very accurate personalized fertility calendar.

Sometimes even the smallest change in our bodies or having a restless night might alter the end result of our BBT. Therefore, we encourage you to keep using and synchronizing your patterns for at least two full months so that the application can calculate an accurate outcome.

We encourage you to keep testing it because it really works.

What the APP does basically is to record your BBT daily. Without you doing anything but just wear it at night and then sync it in the morning. Even if you are irregular, the APP will just reflect these changes in the calendar. The only difference is that the prediction for it being accurate it might take a little longer. But nevertheless you will be able to see your daily BBT and your PR (probability of pregnancy).
This PR you will notice that is low pre-ovulation, once you start getting closer increases, when you are ovulating (yellow) and your are fertile (purple) is the highest and then it starts decreasing once you are in the green zone again.
Due to your irregularity you will notice that in the 1st prediction it will tell you ovulating in yellow with a high PR but maybe this will change after 2 days. But at least you are aware of when it was supposed to happened and then when it happens you will know as well.

When you 1st register with the APP, it prompts you to enter some physiological data. Based on this data the calendar in the APP loads the information, this is all a PREDICTION.

Then, once you start using and syncing your Himama every morning, the information in the calendar will change in some cases, correcting itself to adapt to what reads every night. For some information (re: menstrual cycle) the APP allows you make a change/recording in real time if it does not correspond with the prediction therefore your calendar will change. For some other information (re: ovulation) you will have a prediction, but you cannot manipulate it if it does not correspond with your real ovulation. This is why we suggest using it at least for 1 full cycle and ideally up to 2. So, the prediction can be accurate and if it is not accurate your 1st cycle, once you are on your 2nd cycle the calendar will know to adapt when your BBT goes higher and the prediction will change to correspond with your real ovulation.


  1. When you first receive your Himama put it to charge, the 1st charge should be from 4-6 hours.
  2. Make sure your BLUETOOTH it is ENABLED on your phone and your WIFI is OFF.
  3. While your HIMAMA is still in the charging box you should synchronize the device with the APP for the first time.

Some data may be lost from the device if the device is not synced for a long time. It may also be lost if you wear the device without data syncing and the device is restarted after running out of battery.

It is suggested to sync the data between the device and the himama APP at least once a week. In case the device is out of battery, please reboot the device and sync the data before wearing it.

The data successfully synced will not be lost. All your data will be saved in the account registered in himama. Your himama account is verified solely by email address at present. So only if the email address remains unchanged, the historical data will not be lost.

The device needs some times to have the temperature rise during measurement, just as a regular thermometer does. The constant and stable temperature is the body temperature measured in real time.

Yes, data could be transmitted between the device and mobile via Bluetooth. So data sync could also be realized even without network connection.

If you’re unsatisfied with himama, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

Send us an email to

Go to Start page >> device status, click “immediately back up my data”, then the mobile will connect to himama automatically to sync your body temperature and sleep data.

Syncing or connection may fail if the device and mobile are far apart, or if there is interference nearby, or if the device has been connected with any other mobile. It is suggested to check whether the device has already been connected with other mobiles before connecting or syning, and place the mobile and device as close as possible; if connection is still unsuccessful, please restart the process after rebooting Bluetooth or your mobile.

The device does not need to be connected with your mobile via Bluetooth all the time. You only need to turn on Bluetooth and APP every morning when you wake up in order to sync the data.

You only need to put on your hitop and wear the device before going to sleep, and sync data the next morning as soon as you wake up.

himama needs to be worn for a minimum of one and a half consecutive menstrual cycles. As for those with some gynecological symptoms such as ovulation, two menstrual cycles will be needed for observation.

The predicted ovulation date is the ovulation date deduced based on the calibration of the latest menstrual cycle.
The real ovulation day is the ovulation date calculated based on the change curve of your BBT after synchronizing your body temperature data daily. The real ovulation day is more valuable for those women that want to get pregnant and have an irregular menstrual cycle.

Each person varies in the high and low temperatures. Himama needs a period of time for learning and memorizing your data, based on your body temperature characteristics, once you wear the device. It is suggested that you mark the starting date of your menstrual cycle the same month manually via “Mark it” for the first few times, so that Himama will follow your body temperature variation ASAP.

Yes. himama calibrates the menstrual cycle automatically. It is able to identify the current period automatically based on the change’s curve of your BBT and previous menstrual cycles, as well as judge whether the ovulation date comes after synchronizing your temperature. So it is suggested if you want to know what the best day to get pregnant is based on your ovulation, you use the thermometer every day and sync it with the himama APP in order to track your ovulation.

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