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Here are some common questions about how to use our device and the fertility calendar app.

Some data may be lost from the device if the device is not synced for a long time. It may also be lost if you wear the device without data syncing and the device is restarted after running out of battery.

It is suggested to sync the data between the device and the himama APP at least once a week. In case the device is out of battery, please reboot the device and sync the data before wearing it.

The data successfully synced will not be lost. All your data will be saved in the account registered in himama. Your himama account is verified solely by email address at present. So only if the email address remains unchanged, the historical data will not be lost.

The device needs some times to have the temperature rise during measurement, just as a regular thermometer does. The constant and stable temperature is the body temperature measured in real time.

Yes, data could be transmitted between the device and mobile via Bluetooth. So data sync could also be realized even without network connection.

If you’re unsatisfied with himama, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

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Go to Start page >> device status, click “immediately back up my data”, then the mobile will connect to himama automatically to sync your body temperature and sleep data.

Syncing or connection may fail if the device and mobile are far apart, or if there is interference nearby, or if the device has been connected with any other mobile. It is suggested to check whether the device has already been connected with other mobiles before connecting or syning, and place the mobile and device as close as possible; if connection is still unsuccessful, please restart the process after rebooting Bluetooth or your mobile.

The device does not need to be connected with your mobile via Bluetooth all the time. You only need to turn on Bluetooth and APP every morning when you wake up in order to sync the data.

You only need to put on your hitop and wear the device before going to sleep, and sync data the next morning as soon as you wake up.

himama needs to be worn for a minimum of one and a half consecutive menstrual cycles. As for those with some gynecological symptoms such as ovulation, two menstrual cycles will be needed for observation.

The predicted ovulation date is the ovulation date deduced based on the calibration of the latest menstrual cycle.
The real ovulation day is the ovulation date calculated based on the change curve of your BBT after synchronizing your body temperature data daily. The real ovulation day is more valuable for those women that want to get pregnant and have an irregular menstrual cycle.

Each person varies in the high and low temperatures. Himama needs a period of time for learning and memorizing your data, based on your body temperature characteristics, once you wear the device. It is suggested that you mark the starting date of your menstrual cycle the same month manually via “Mark it” for the first few times, so that Himama will follow your body temperature variation ASAP.

Yes. himama calibrates the menstrual cycle automatically. It is able to identify the current period automatically based on the change’s curve of your BBT and previous menstrual cycles, as well as judge whether the ovulation date comes after synchronizing your temperature. So it is suggested if you want to know what the best day to get pregnant is based on your ovulation, you use the thermometer every day and sync it with the himama APP in order to track your ovulation.

Make sure you have enough space available in your phone.

Unsync device and sync it again.

  1. Make sure there is enough battery in the device.
  2. Make sure you are close to the Himama APP on your phone.
  3. Make sure you are not interfering the signal with your arm.
  1. Make sure the Bluetooth in your phone is enabled.
  2. Make sure that the phone is close enough to the device and there is not any interference.
  3. The device should be connected with the phone in which you are using the Himama APP.
  1. It could be that the battery is slow. In this case charge the device using the charging case.
  2. It could be that the Bluetooth signal is unstable. In this case re-start the Bluetooth or the phone.
  3. It could be that the equipment has been damaged. In this case contact customer service (

Remove the cable charger from the bottom of the box. Plug the small end of the charger into the himama port. Conveniently connect the USB cable with your PC or Mac or power adaptor.

Make sure the thermometer’s logo is facing up. The two metal points of the thermometer should be aligned with the two metal pins inside the charging box. Pressed into the soft inner. Once everything is correctly installed, an orange light indicates that the thermometer is charging.

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