What is the average battery consumption of the HIMAMA device?

The 1st time you receive the device we suggest you put it to charge, once it is fully charged it will have a green light. At this moment the battery is 100% and last for about 15-20 days or a little bit more.
If you want to check the status on the battery (see image attached) click on the sync button and it will take you to the screen where you see the percentage remaining.

Once you put your HIMAMA on at sleep time, your BBT it is not being measured constantly throughout the night. The monitor detects when you are on your deep sleep and it is at this moment that measures your BBT for certain periods during the hour. It also detects light sleep and measures it then. Our formula is done to have an exact measuring of your BBT therefore it knows what temperature to take.
It is at these brief moments throughout the night when it is measuring that will use some battery, the light green appears at this moment, but since we are asleep we don’t notice this.

Then in the morning or once you wake up, at this moment you sync the APP with the monitor, synchronization will take 15-30 seconds and it is also at this moment that uses some battery.

As you can see the use of battery is so minimum that you can use it for 15 days without charging it.