How to read the Himama App?

1 – Main screen is for the BBT data, it is represented with a heart and says health. This screen contains a circle and the letters PR in the middle. PR stands for PROBABILITY as in Probability to get pregnant. It is based on the BBT measured for the previous night and this data will be reflected in the calendar as well. The closer you are to you ovulation day you will see that the changes/percentage increase. When you are ovulation and/or fertile this chance (PR) it is as its highest and then as you start going towards your menstrual cycle it will start decreasing.


2 – On the bottom left you have the calendar icon. This is the calendar that will reflect your BBT measured every night. In here some information can be modified on the day it happens or towards the past but not towards the future.


3 – The way the HIMAMA APP works with the device is the following: 

Your BBT it is not being measured constantly throughout the night. The monitor detects when you are on your deep sleep and it is at this moment that measures your BBT for certain periods during the hour.

It also detects your light sleep and measures it then. Since it is a “smart” device it also takes into account your breathing and heart rate. This is how it is able to detect when you are on your light or deep sleep.

Our formula is done to have an exact measuring of your BBT, we use an algorithm that gets all these factors and gives you an exact BBT for that night.

The traditional way of manually measuring the BBT it had to be done all at the same time. This is very annoying and one of the factors we wanted to discard when we came up with HIMAMA.

You don’t need to worry if you wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep. The monitor will be able to take all this into account when measuring your BBT.

If the data for one night does not appear or it is incorrect it is not a problem. It cannot be voided but the algorithm will calculate and complete that data based on all your prior and posterior ones.

The device stores up to 10-12 days of data. So you can use it for 3 days straight and once you synchronize it the 4th day all the data will appear on the app (temperature, sleep…all of it)


The 1st time when you register with the APP it prompts you to enter some physiological data. Based on this data the calendar in the APP loads the information, this is all a prediction.

Then, once you start using and syncing your Himama every morning, the information in the calendar will change in some cases, correcting itself to adapt to what reads every night.

We recommend to keep using and syncing daily the HIMAMA monitor to give it a chance to provide with an accurate BBT curve based not only your resting temperature, but also heart rate, sleeping patterns and breathing rate. Sometimes even the smallest change in our bodies or having a restless night might alter the end result of our BBT. Therefore, we encourage you to keep using and synchronizing your patterns for at least 2 months so that the application can calculate an accurate outcome.


As we have it now the prediction is based on the data you input first, since it has not data on its own. Once at least 30 days have passed, this will be more accurate. However, as the month passes and there is no ovulation, the calendar will change the prediction and reflect all green with no yellow or purple. You can see that some days if the BBT is slightly higher but not high enough is when the PR on the main screen will appear higher, but not high enough for it to change to yellow or purple.

Then for the next month you will have the prediction again, and the same protocol follows, if at some time you ovulate, the color will change to reflect that, and if you don’t all should go back to green.