How does the app works, what does the app tells me?

When you 1st register with the APP, it prompts you to enter some physiological data. Based on this data the calendar in the APP loads the information, this is all a PREDICTION.

Then, once you start using and syncing your Himama every morning, the information in the calendar will change in some cases, correcting itself to adapt to what reads every night. For some information (re: menstrual cycle) the APP allows you make a change/recording in real time if it does not correspond with the prediction therefore your calendar will change. For some other information (re: ovulation) you will have a prediction, but you cannot manipulate it if it does not correspond with your real ovulation. This is why we suggest using it at least for 1 full cycle and ideally up to 2. So, the prediction can be accurate and if it is not accurate your 1st cycle, once you are on your 2nd cycle the calendar will know to adapt when your BBT goes higher and the prediction will change to correspond with your real ovulation.