How does HIMAMA compares to other fertility monitors in the market?

Our system does not compare to other methods in the market because our temperature monitor is used in the underarm and not in the wrist to increase accuracy. The basal body temperature is usually taken in three different ways for accuracy: oral, underarm or vaginal. We understand how uncomfortable is for a woman to take the vaginal temperature as she wakes up or to have to remember every morning to do it orally. Therefore we decided to create an accurate temperature monitor that you can comfortably wear at night in your underarm using our hiTop (harness) that keeps the monitor in place as you sleep.

The reason we decided to do this instead of a bracelet is because the wrist temperature is not necessarily accurate when it comes to registering your BBT. So we designed a different method that is not only more accurate and comfortable, but also intelligent. Our monitor registers your temperature, sleeping patterns and heart rate and runs the information through an algorithm that is capable to calculate accurately your 5 most fertile days in your cycle.


Although we are a brand new product, our method is really similar as other methods out there. The big difference is accuracy. Our fertility monitor does not only measures your temperature, but it does it while you are asleep keeping record of the actual basal temperature of your body, which can only be taken when you are in complete rest. Additionally, we use other data in the algorithm (sleep pattern and heart rate) to make sure that your actual basal temperature is even more accurate.

HIMAMA is a new company located in Miami, FL. We have successfully registered our monitor with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device. We completely stand behind our product and we encourage you to use it.