Family planning in the U.S. Why hard working American women might not want babies

Family planning

Family planning in the U.S. Why hard working American women might not want babies

According to the Washington post, fewer women in the U.S. are getting pregnant. The motives are stranger than you think. Fertility issues? No. The slight decrease in pregnancy rates has nothing to do with fertility problems. It´s actually related to concerns about government policies, work conditions, career plans and incomes.

Pregnancy is a choice

Thanks to science, pregnancy is now a choice. Birth control methods allow modern women to decide when, how and with whom they desire to get pregnant. But what if women decide they don’t want babies at all?

Is having a large, beautiful family compatible with having a great successful career?

Many American women don’t seem too convinced that maternity is fully compatible with business. It might be because having a family, no matter your income, is always more expensive than you think. We always want to give the one’s we love the best, and that means adding on quite a lot of monthly expenses for health, education, bigger housing. It all adds up! What if you have twins? On one income? Ouch! Large families can hit your pocket pretty hard.

Child-care isn’t that affordable either. If you are a working mother in the U.S., a large percentage of your paycheck will go towards daycare or nursery bills.

The most influential factor could be related to the absence of family leave policies in the U.S. When working women and their partners are family planning they have to consider the absence of paid maternity or paternity leave for workers in America. If pregnant women and their spouses don’t get paid maternity leave, because the current policy doesn´t guarantee parents this possibility, then women might have to decide to quit work in order to tend to their newborn babies.

It’s easy to see why driven, highly prepared and highly motivated working women are not so keen on the idea of risking their careers in order to have a baby. Is it right that current policies force them to make this decision?

Family planning vs. Career building

Should women have to choose between having the career they’ve prepared for and planning the family
they have always dreamed of? Or should public policies include at least 12 weeks of paid family leave?

Late maternity, fertility methods, fertility problems and other concerns

At an increasing and alarming rate, more and more women are deciding to postpone family planning, until their career is well on its way. They want to create the financial conditions to ensure they give their babies the best they can offer. But are they waiting too much? Planning your first pregnancy when you are in your late 30’s, after finishing your degree, achieving that promotion, or finding the perfect guy can mean risking your health and your baby’s. Luckily science is on our side and there are many natural fertility methods that allow healthy family planning for women that decades ago wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant naturally. But modern women are still on the clock. It’s still important to make healthy choices today that can improve fertility in the future. While you dedicate the most time possible to your career, think ahead towards the family you want and plan your fertility methods, too.

Successful at home and in the office

What does it take to balance the desire to be successful at home and at the office? Modern women are forced to make many decisions our grandmothers never considered. Staying at home was a given for women until recently. We are still working out certain issues that will allow us to live out maternity and still be the powerful business women we know we can be. There’s no magic formula, but creating a business you love can be compatible with your family planning if you have the support of your partner, your family and if you make the economic decisions that will allow your baby to come into this world with a financial cushion under him.

At himama we vote “Yes!”. Business and family are compatible!

Successful family planning starts with savvy business and financial choices.

  • Invest more
  • Become your own boss and
  • Create a flexible schedule

So you will be there for your family when they need you.

We would love to hear from you! Have you postponed family planning in order to reach career goals?

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