Help! Family planning centers and fertility hotlines

Help! Family planning centers and fertility hotlines

Family planning: It’s ok to ask for help

When you are trying to get pregnant finding support, help, counseling and accompaniment should definitely be one of your priorities!

A helping hand and good advice can come from many different sources, maybe a family member, a friend, definitely your physician, definitely your partner (future co-parent)… as well as from a special place called a family planning center.

Plus, wouldn’t it be great if you could call someone to ask about fertility information? Like a fertility information hotline?

What is family planning and what are family planning centers?

Asking for help may not be the way our mother’s mother did things, but it’s a great way to start your family because the whole family planning process is much more complex than we give it credit on a day to day basis.

This is mainly because family planning is not limited to the access and use of contraception. A whole lot goes on before and after the moment of conception, including communicating with your insurance company and looking at your finances.

The term family planning usually refers to a female-male couple who wish to limit the number of pregnancies and/or the timing between pregnancies (also known as spacing children).

You can find help, support, counseling and accompaniment when deciding on the future you are building with your partner at the family planning center of your choice.

What are family planning centers?

Family planning centers in the USA are the main interface with the health care system for many of the clients they serve.

A detailed article on family planning centers can be found at the Guttmacher Institute website. Read it here. When thinking about the future of your family as well as your health during pregnancy, health coverage is one of the big topics you will have to take into account sooner rather than later! It’s a biggy.

And if you still aren’t convinced if family planning is a good idea, take a look at our post which digs into the question of planning your pregnancy and more!

Find a family planning clinic

Find a family planning clinic near you using the Office of Population search engine located at the website.

Plus get a nifty treat- read up on your rights as an expecting mother to be! Get an idea of the laws that protect you and what to expect when letting your boss and coworkers know about your pregnancy.

Search for family planning clinics and read about your pregnancy rights here.

Find help with fertility

Wouldn’t it be nice if something like a fertility treatment hotline existed? A place you could call 24/7 when in crisis?

Well, guess what! They exist! You just have to adjust to their office hours when calling.

Fertility information centers

Looking for fertility information centers within the United States? Here’s a list of great online fertility help centers that you can easily access.

Good to know: some of these sites have information available both in Spanish and in English, on their websites or through in person communication (telephone or email).

And if your are looking for statistics on fertility and reproduction take a look at the National Center for Health Statistics.

These three organizations have information available in Spanish and English!

Other organizations with helpful information on fertility treatments, adoption and reproductive health (currently only available in English) include:

American Fertility Association (Asociación Estadounidense de Fertilidad)
Tel: (888) 917-3777

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (Sociedad Estadounidense de Medicina Reproductiva)
Tel: 205-9785000

The Fertility Institute (El Instituto de la fertilidad)
Call free from outside of Luisiana: (800) 433-9009

National Infertility Network (NINE) (Red Nacional de Infertilidad)
Tel: 516-794-5772

American Pregnancy Association
Tel: (972) 550-0140


Latin American and Hispanic fertility centers

Hispanic Fertility help centers are available within the USA. Check out the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and their helpline

Tel: 1-866-SU-FAMILIA (1-866-783-2645)
E -mail:

Outside of the USA, online fertility help for latin american parents worldwide can be found at sites like Bebés Latinos.  

Hey! And if you are looking for more information on each of these organizations and how they can help you with your family planning and natural fertility treatments take a look at the article available at (in Spanish).  

Make sure to let us know if you do contact a family planning center or a fertility organization and how the hiMama natural fertility kit has helped you reach your reproductive goals, mama!

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