Pregnant? Eliminate the Risk of Zika Virus Infection

Zika virus - Pregnant

Pregnant? Eliminate the Risk of Zika Virus Infection

One small mosquito bite can threaten your unborn baby’s health. We don’t want to alarm you, but the Zika Virus is a serious health risk especially for pregnant women. Learn how to protect yourself and future baby from this potentially harmful infection.

The Zika Virus is potentially dangerous for your pregnancy

One small mosquito bite can cause serious Zika virus infections. If a mosquito is infected with the virus and bites a pregnant woman, the unborn baby is also at risk.
Watch out for the mosquito! Your precious fetus is much more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the virus.
Although Zika virus infection symptoms tend to be mild (similar to a case of the flu), the damage to your unborn baby could be irreversible.
In most cases symptoms begin with a headache, low grade fever, muscle and joint pain and sometimes conjunctivitis. Some people report a strange rash that may (or may not) appear several days after the infection starts. But most people infected with Zika never become ill.

Zika symptoms are mild: 8 out of 10 people do not become ill after infection



So what’s the fuss? If you are in that 80% you might have been infected with Zika and not even know it. The major threat is not to your health, but to your unborn baby.

Why is Zika a dangerous epidemic for pregnant women?

The effects on your pregnancy could be devastating. Recent studies have linked birth defects like microcephaly to Zika virus infections during pregnancy. Other complications include eye defects, hearing loss, and impaired growth.
Alarming, right? But no need to panic. There are ways to prevent infection. If you are currently pregnant or hoping to be pregnant soon you should take this advice into account, in order to make sure your pregnancy comes to term safely.

Future Mom: Learn how to protect your baby from Zika

Do you live in a Zika infected area? Pregnant women must be especially wary of the virus because although they might not feel all the symptoms, the infection could be affecting the baby.
At himama we are concerned about this epidemic. We want to help you have a healthy baby. Although there is no vaccine against the virus or treatment for Zika infection, the risks of severe fetal brain defects associated to Zika virus can be prevented easily by eliminating the plague in your home and making a conscious effort to reduce chances of getting bitten by the mosquito.

Take smart measures to prevent Zika virus infection during pregnancy:

  • Expose less skin. Wear long sleeved shirts and choose thick fabrics like denim when you are getting dressed. This is a simple method to prevent the Zika infected mosquito bite and it’s effective. Cover up to protect yourself and your baby.
  • DEET your baby bump. Use a bugspray containing DEET over exposed skin in order to repel the dangerous insect. There are a couple of pregnancy safe options out there. As long as you follow the directions on the label carefully, applying insect repellent will be hazard free.
  • Dip everything in Permethrin. If you want to take extra precaution to make sure your baby is protected against the Zika virus, there is an insecticide called permethrin that has no harmful effects for humans. You can dip your clothes in it and any potentially menacing mosquitoes will be gone for good.

Natural options

If you are not so sure about spraying chemicals around the house or on your body, try repellents with essential oils from plants like citronella, cedar or eucalyptus. They help ward off bugs better than most people imagine. You can also use citronella incense and candles around the house to reduce mosquito presence.
Note: These natural alternatives may not be as effective as other insect repellents or insecticides, but it’s better than not taking measures of any kind. Don’t you think?

Passionate about healthy babies and natural family planning

At himama we like to offer women all the information possible about natural fertility methods and healthy pregnancy tips.
Any concerns? Would you like to know more about how Zika can affect your baby? Or are you concerned about how to effectively apply natural insecticides? Let us know if you would like additional information on this topic in the comments below. We promise we will attend your concerns.

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