How to Know if You’re Pregnant. Look Out For the Odd, Early Signs of Pregnancy

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How to Know if You’re Pregnant. Look Out For the Odd, Early Signs of Pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy vary in every woman, even from one pregnancy to another. Most women believe that it will be obvious when they get pregnant because they will miss their period. But not every pregnancy is the same. Every woman is unique in her combination of symptoms so watch out, your body might manifest pregnancy in the most unlikely way. It might not be obvious at first. You might be 3 months pregnant and still have your period! That’s why it’s important to know what other early signs of pregnancy you should be aware of. And brace yourself! Some of these symptoms of pregnancy are pretty weird.

Weird symptoms? We are optimistic! You are probably pregnant and don’t even know it

In this article we have gathered some of the most common early signs of pregnancy that have nothing to do with your period, also known as the oddest, most embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy no one wants to talk about.

Girl talk

Let’s talk about those weird body changes you would have never guessed could be produced by that sweet, tiny bun in your oven.

The hormones affect everything

How to know if you are pregnant? When you are pregnant, hormone levels increase dramatically causing all sorts of complications you might not normally associate with pregnancy. The first symptoms can appear all over your body, in the most unexpected places.

For example:

Sweaty arm pits. We know it’s unladylike to talk about sweaty armpits, but it’s the truth and someone has to tell you. When you get pregnant you might find yourself sweating a lot more than usual. It’s perfectly normal! Make sure you drink a lot of water so you are never dehydrated and use organic clothing to keep cool longer.

Runny noses. Your hormones can affect several parts of your body, not just your mood. Guess what! Sometimes women perceive a large increase in mucous production. If your nose feels really stuffy but you don’t have a cold, it might be the pregnancy! We know it’s not the kind of symptom you run to a doctor about, because runny noses are pretty common, that’s why most women don’t know that in some cases nasal congestion can be associated with pregnancy. It can get complicated though. The excessive mucus can cause nose-bleeds. So make sure you apply doctor approved nose drops if you feel any discomfort. The same culprit can be found behind another odd pregnancy symptom:

Snoring. You might have never done it before, but when you’re pregnant snoring is a lot more common than you think. Normally, women don’t talk about it, because it’s not really a problem for them. And their partners don’t talk about it either, because they’ve been snoring for years. So keep in mind: if you are recently pregnant for the first time and find out you’ve been snoring like a grizzly bear all night, don’t worry about it. It’s more common than you think.

Drooling on your pillow. Oh my… It’s not a pretty sight, but it happens to a lot of pregnant women. When the hormones start spiking, saliva production increases, and you might find yourself waking up in a small pool of your own spit. So think twice about using your partner’s chest as your pillow, darling.

Did you know these odd symptoms can appear when you get pregnant? How did you find out you were pregnant? Do you have any suggestions for women who are dealing with these early signs of pregnancy? How did you deal with all the hormone-induced body changes?

If you would like to continue reading about weird signs that you might be pregnant, that have nothing to do with missing your period, please comment below. Start the discussion below, or share your experiences with us on Facebook. We would love to hear from you. Share your experiences with us! Be honest, how has being 3 months pregnant with your first baby affected your body?

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