The connection between fertility and the moon

The connection between fertility and the moon

Symbolically, the moon is associated with nutrition, maternity, a sense of safety, feelings and intuition. These features are usually associated with women. It’s mythologically believed that getting to know the lunar cycles will allow us to find out more information about ourselves.

There actually isn’t any scientific proof that lunar phases affect us directly. However, historically, we have always been connected to the moon, especially when it comes to fertility. The main connection comes from the fact that lunar phases last approximately 28 days, just like the average length of the menstrual cycle.

It’s believed that the moon affects women directly. Theoretically, the full moon fills us up with energy and makes us feel less of a need to sleep; we’re more energetic and expressive, which results in a peak of sexual activity. Moreover, they say that estrogen levels increase as the moon waxes, reaching their peak when there’s a full moon.

Another myth is that the baby can be a boy or a girl depending on the kind of moon there was the day it was conceived. In other words, it’s believed that the baby is more likely to be a girl if there was a full moon and, on the contrary, a boy if there was a new moon.

Who has never heard anyone tell a pregnant woman that she’ll go into labor with the change of the moon? There are scientific studies that indicate that lunar phases do not have an influence on natural childbirths. Nevertheless, some midwives continue to state that there is indeed a link:

  • New moon: Quick and easy labor.
  • First quarter: Gradual; dilation and labor progression are consistent.
  • Full moon: Prolonged and difficult labor.
  • Last quarter: It requires a lot of energy and patience. Don’t get driven to despair because the labor is usually very tiring.

With all the above in mind, it’s up to every woman to decide whether or not they believe in these sayings. The way I see it, we should ideally see this connection between lunar phases and women merely as an anecdote, because, like I said before, it isn’t scientifically proven… but it is still quite curious 🙂 If you think like me and you don’t want to leave something so important to the moon, start using Himama. It’s scientifically supported with 99% reliability :D.

If you’re already a mom… let us know! Is there any connection between the sex of your baby and the lunar phase at the time of its conception?

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