Baby Gender Calculator. When to conceive for a boy or a girl

Baby Gender Calculator. When to conceive for a boy or a girl

Are you determined to choose your future baby’s gender?

Rumor has it… Baby gender calculators can help you choose the future baby’s gender. Is there science to this? Conceiving a boy or a girl, that is choosing the gender of your baby and specifically conceiving a girl or a boy, may seem like a simple task, but it isn’t.

Medical advancements still can’t say if our old wives´ tales are myths or if they really can get you the baby shoe color of your dreams. Stats say you have a fifty-fifty chance.

So, if you do want to try, make sure to start your journey not only with optimism but also knowing that you might not get the gender you wanted… and no, that does not mean you can blame the daddy or your OB if you don’t get the gender you desired.

Know when you are ovulating

As you will read below, ovulation calculators can be your best friend when it comes to planning the gender of your baby. When planning your conception, it’s important to know when you are ovulating, especially if you want to improve your chances of getting pregnant with a specific gender. The hiMama fertility app allows you to know exactly when you are ovulating, check it out.

Ways to conceive a baby boy

There are natural methods to conceive a boy, it’s all about planning and knowing your body.

Sex tips to conceive a boy

According to Shettles, the best time to try for a boy would be 24 hours before you ovulate or up to 12 hours after, that’s a 72 hour time lapse.

Best positions: deep penetrative sex is preferable since the male sperm although faster than female sperm, tends to live less time within the vagina. So help them out by shortening the race track.

Diet to conceive a baby boy

Male semen is very sensitive to your vaginal fluids acids. So if you want to give those soldiers a head start, boost the alkaline properties of the vagina.

You can easily do this by eating less acidic foods that will increase your vaginas PH, such as: Meat, dairy products and refined sugar.

To make your vagina a more favorable place for your partner’s male semen, try keeping an alkaline diet, with foods like: Spinach, bananas and strawberries.

But if you REALLY want to improve your odds on having a baby boy all you need to do is reach an orgasm while you are ovulating. An orgasm will alkalinize your vagina and generate uterine and vaginal contractions which help push the sperm upwards, straight to where they need to go.

Ways to conceive a baby girl: Keep mamma on top

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you are trying to conceive a girl using natural methods.

Sex tips to conceive a girl

Contrary to conceiving a boy, to boost your chances to have a girl it’s preferable to have sex up to three days BEFORE ovulation since female sperm can survive three to five days in the fallopian tubes. Female sperm is super resistant!

Best positions: Make it hard for those speedy male spermatozoids to race down the track, use gravity to your favor and stay on top. Female sperm moves slower down the vaginal track but can survive much longer.

Diet to conceive a baby girl

Take advantage of the capability female sperm has to survive in hostile environments: assume a high acid diet. Keep your PH levels up and kill male sperm before they make it to the egg.

To increase your chances of having a girl, eliminate male sperm competition and try having intercourse 72 hours before ovulating, keep your PH levels up, oh and… future mamma…make sure to be on top!

Baby Gender Calculator + Ovulation Calculator. The perfect match

Women have different cycles and many factors can affect conception. A baby gender calculator may be exactly what need. Get back on track with your body’s natural rhythm and make choosing the gender of your baby possible by checking out these valuable resources.

Here are a few options you might want to check out, just for fun!

Chinese Baby Gender Calculator

Baby Centre. Baby Gender Predictor

Baby Centre’s Gender Predictor asks a bunch of questions that might seem odd at first.

  • Are you over 35?
  • How long have you lived with your partner?
  • Did you conceive during spring, summer, winter or autumn?
  • Were you under stress at the time of conception?
  • Does your future baby’s father work at a flour mill?

Why so many odd questions? Because conceiving a baby boy or baby girl is complex.

Find out more about all the complex factors that can affect conception by taking the quiz. Or let us know if you would like to read more about the subject.

Remember: don’t stress out. Stress affects your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant. Going to a highly qualified obstetrician or gynecologist is always the sure thing to do if you are serious about planning the sex of your future baby.

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