10 tips to get pregnant.

10 tips to get pregnant.

1. Take an ovulation test. A few days ago, we talked about the basal body temperature method. Read our post here!

2. Find out when your fertile days are.

3. Take it easy. Stress is one of the primary factors behind infertility, and obligation kills desire.

4. Orgasms help with conception. Spasms caused by the female sexual apparatus help move the sperm towards the Fallopian tubes.

5. Having sexual intercourse several times a day is not a good method – sperm loses quality.

6. Experts recommend having sexual intercourse at least three times between day 11 and day 18 of your menstrual cycle.

7. Eat a balanced diet. Moreover, if the food is organic (in order to avoid pesticides and fertilizers), that’s even better.

8. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.

9. Say no to obesity and anorexia. They are usually associated with hormonal disorders and are therefore factors of infertility.

10. Exercise!

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